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About Us

The five acre block has been owned by our family since 1975.  Brian purchased a bare block of land after cyclone Tracy and over the years it has evolved with our houses the HomeStay all set in a tropical garden.  The cottage was originally built for Joyce's mum to live in.  Since then it has housed family and friends.  In 1992 Brian and Joyce opened the first B&B in Darwin which was run successfully for 17 years.  After a facelift in 2015 Joyce decided to again rent it out to travellers.  This is a family block with Tracy and her boys living in their own house and various wildlife and pets. 

We understand that pets are part of the family and for this reason we do allow small fur babies.  Though we do ask that you confirm with us first and they must be house trained and be respectful of wildlife and our pets.

Part of our family that share the block is Monica the cow.  She is very friendly and loves a bit of fruit or bread.  Angus, Gypsy are our small dogs and Simba our very friendly mixed breed dog.  They will welcome you and invite themselves in.  Mister the Rooster roams freely.  He is very social having lost his little harem of girls to roaming dogs.  

We offer a personal experience in a casual friendly environment.  Relax and enjoy the garden, if there is anything that we help to make your stay more enjoyable please just ask.

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